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    This is the area for general ethics discussions. Here are a couple of other suggestions of topics to get things rolling (but do not feel at all limited by these):

    • Providing for the needs of clients/patients at the micro level that inadvertently leaves macro problems unchallenged.
    • Patient/client addictions to needed medications for the management of chronic pain.


    Feel free to post away!



    I like macro level interventions because they benefit large groups of clients, particularly society in general. This is done by introducing large scale positive change in the lives of clients through systemic solutions, where as micro interventions allow the problem of oppression and poverty, racism, etc to continue to exist. Although micro intervention is important as macro level interventions are sometimes impossible to achieve and rarely work, I still believe that without them we would be light years behind.
    One of the best parts of working on the macro-intervention scale to me is having the ability to be involved with the media and educating the wider population on the issues of oppression. I believe that we need macro level interventions because without holding the government and powerful member in society accountable for their role there will never be significant change. For instance, I believe that in order to rid the world of oppression it rests on the privileged population to acknowledge that they have that privilege. Also, the values in this western society with which we live (hierarchy and competition) hold the system of oppression in place. If we were to only have micro level interventions the would would never change. The issues that service users face will continue to be seen as individual problems, the process of othering will remain in tact and the service users who are victims of structural injustice will be continued to be blamed for issues which are not their fault. Structural change is important. We need strong macro level social workers to connect different oppressed groups to fight for their liberation.



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    I believe that both micro and macro social work is just as important, with that being said I do agree for the best effectiveness we should start by addressing issues at a macro level. One thing that was said in our first year history class was that micro social work was like picking a never ending stream of garbage out of the river without going up stream to see where the garbage was originating from. This to me was as if a light bulbs had gone off inside my head. I was able to clearly see the link and equal importance of both types of social work.

    A great number of micro interventions will shed light as to the places in which macro social work is needed most. With the help of macro social work we can hopefully see a great change in the systems working within society. As it has been addressed above without the work of macro social work micro social work would be never ending. Macro social work is the means to an end.The work that must be done to come up with a solution to the problem.

    In instances where you feel you may only be able to do a certain level of advocacy beyond the micro level you can find mezzo social work. This is where you try to facilitate change throughout the organizations and institutions before heading higher in regards to government, and laws. Mezzo social work can be a means to a solution for some problems as well as proof for the need for macro interventions in the near future.

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