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    1. What can Katie do within the next few months to assist Peter?

    Katie can continue to advocate for Peter and to help him boost his own self advocacy skills. She can keep looking for housing, reach out to different organizations, such as Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia to inquire about programming and housing opportunities. She can assist him in applications for disability assistance to give him more of an income.
    2. What are structural barriers that impact Peter?

    Mental health stigma, trauma, being in care, hisory of abuse, history of addiction, poverty.

    3. What are alternative resources that may be helpful to Peter?

    Organizations that can work with him to find housing and employment, such as Reachability or Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia. Programs such as Laing House, or Connections. Getting a cat again could be a way of coping.

    4 Is this more of an individual or systemic challenge (or neither)?

    It is both. Mental health issues compounded with poverty, abuse, addiction and precarious housing.

    5. Should Katie fill out Peter’s rental applications (as he struggles to fill them
    out correctly and apply by the deadlines)? If she does, should she mention Peter’s
    tenancy history?

    Katie can fill out, and/or help him to fill out his rental application. People of all walks of life get help in doing things they don’t excel at. I don’t see this as an ethical issue.

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