Ethics Forum


Come join your colleagues in discussions about ethics in the helping professions. There are TWO ways to participate. In general ethics discussions, you can directly post a topic you are interested in exploring, such as:

  • Balancing the need for personal safety as a practitioner with the needs of clients/patients or
  • Boundary issues/dual relationships in small, tight-knit communities such as rural settings or Aboriginal reserves.

The other manner of participating is through case discussions . You may send a suggested case that you would like folks on the forum to discuss to Merlinda Weinberg at Guidelines on how to write up a case can be found in case discussions.

For either method, you can also directly add your own comment to a thread that has already begun.

Do so without fear of judgement, concerns about liability or beliefs that the situations do not warrant the seriousness of ethics boards.
When you are ready, register to begin.