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    You are an intake social worker with child welfare and have received a file with a priority of 21 days. You have met the identified client, Marg (a pseudonym). Marg who is a 30-year-old female lives alone and has sole custody of her children. She has three children. They are 10, 12, and 15 years of age. Marg is a repeated cocaine user. There was a referral received 10 days ago that Marg has been under the influence of cocaine in a child caring role. The referral could not provide a specific time or date that Marg has been under the influence in a child caring role. However, because Marg has a long history of child protection involvement, the supervisor decided this referral should be investigated. After meeting with Marg, the intake social worker advised that Marg is a frequent cocaine user but that she uses after the children have left for school and that she is no longer under the influence by the time the children return home from their after-school programs. Having never spoken to Marg, the supervisor believes that there should be drug testing. The supervisor also believes that during the intake investigation Marg should not be permitted to use any substances such as alcohol or drugs and the children should come into care due to her child protection history. The supervisor has asked you to call the biological father and inform him of the investigation. However, the supervisor is asking for you to decide the next investigative steps as you were the one who met with Marg.

    1.What are the ethical issues in this case?

    2.Do you think the children are at risk of abuse or neglect?

    3.Do you think asking Marg to stop her drug use during the investigation is against her right to self-determination?

    4.Do you believe the supervisor is acting in the best interest of the children?

    5.Do you think the intake worker is?

    6.What do you think the next investigative steps should be?

    7.What are the power issues in this case?


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