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    Here we have more in-depth analyses of specific situations. Submitted case studies will be posted here. You are free to comment directly on any case studies that are already on the forum.

    If you would like to contribute a case example, please send it to Dr. Merlinda Weinberg at Consider the following in writing up your case:

    • Have the details of the case (such as the names of people, places and other possible distinguishing information) been altered to ensure the anonymity of those involved – without altering the essential meanings?
    • Does the case have a clear description of the situation?
    • Does the case give the reader sufficient information to make it interesting and comprehensible, but not so many details as to confuse the reader?
    • Does the case have a clear story-line (a ‘main thread’)?
    • Does the case have the potential to generate discussion (does it raise challenging ethical questions)?

    Thank you to Sarah Banks, a well-respected ethicist in the social sciences, for providing the basis for these guidelines.

    If your case study is accepted for use, all terms of use apply.  If you would like to be named as the author, please indicate that clearly in your email and we will attribute the example to you.  Otherwise, your name will be kept confidential. Feel free to use a pseudonym when registering for the site to protect your anonymity. Rest assured that if you do send an email submitting a case study with your own name, it will be kept totally confidential, as is all sign-up information.

    Here is a Case of Non-Disclosure shared by a participant from Dr. Weinberg’s research to start things off. Of course the details have been changed to protect the anonymity of all involved.


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